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Do Hint Water cans have BPA lining?

We don't use BPA lining in our cans.

Is Hint Sparking available in a can?

Hint Sparkling isn't available in an aluminum can.

Aren't plastic bottles bad for the environment?

Hint Water supports improvements in bottle deposit laws and recycling services and believes the system used in California should be adopted throughout the country. In communities that combine bottle deposits with strong curbside recycling...

Are Hint bottles BPA-free?

Yes! Hint bottles are BPA-free. The materials our bottles and caps are made from are soft plastics that are easily molded without the addition of chemical plasticizers.

What type of bottle does Hint Water use?

Hint Water uses fully recyclable, BPA-free, PET bottles. We continue to investigate alternative packaging materials and bottling processes. Our top packing priorities are providing the safest possible packaging that is suitable for our product and...

What are bottle deposits and how can I recover them?

Bottle deposits are required by states that have enacted beverage container deposit laws (“bottle bills”) to encourage residents to recycle bottles and other containers. Bottle deposits are small fees customers pay when purchasing a beverage and...

Why is Hint Water in aluminum cans?

Hint continuously explores new packaging options, and there is a strong customer demand for Hint Water in aluminum cans in some of our channels.

Are your cans recyclable?

Yes. All Hint Water products are recyclable.

Are you converting all bottles to cans?

No, we will continue offering a variety of packaging options.

How many bottles in each case?

There are 12 bottles in each 16 oz.

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