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What are bottle deposits and how can I recover them?Updated 2 months ago

Bottle deposits are required by states that have enacted beverage container deposit laws (“bottle bills”) to encourage residents to recycle bottles and other containers. Bottle deposits are small fees customers pay when purchasing a beverage and are reimbursed when the empty container is returned to a redemption center. Deposit amounts vary by state and depend on the type of beverage and size of the container. Deposit fees vary from state to state, they range from $0.05 to $0.15 per single beverage container. In the case of Hint that is 12, 16-ounce bottles. Hint has always encouraged our customers to recycle their Hint Water bottles. Your Hint bottle is a fully recyclable PET container, including the cap, with a recycling number of '1'! We encourage you to recover the bottle deposits collected by returning empty Hint bottles to a local recycling center.

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