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Hint Kids

How much fruit-infused water is in Hint Kids?

Each Tetra Pak box is 200 mL or 6.75 ounces. Each case of Hint Kids includes 32 boxes.

Where can I get Hint Kids?

Hint Kids is available in some stores, but always available on drinkhint.com! To see which stores carry Hint Kids, see our Store Locator.

Are Hint Kids boxes recyclable?

Just like juice boxes, Hint's boxes are recyclable using proper bins per your area. We also recommend pushing the small straws inside of the box when you are through with the drink in order to maximize recyclability and prevent the straws from...

Are Hint Kids boxes and straws BPA Free?

Yes, Hint Kids packaging is BPA-free.

What allergens are in Hint Kids?

For serious allergies consult your child's pediatrician about what products are safe for consumption. Hint Water products are kosher, vegan, and free of sugar, sweeteners, MSG, nuts, soy, gluten, sesame, and preservatives. Our manufacturers follow...

Is Hint Water good for kids to drink?

Yes, Hint Water is a great beverage choice for kids and the whole family! We've created Hint Kids using the same exact recipe as Hint Water, just in kid-friendly packaging.

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